Getting Your House Ready To Sell

Dated: 06/28/2018

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Getting your house ready to sell can be one of the most daunting projects imaginable. To get top dollar, you'll want to make sure that it's ready to show when the listing hits the market.

Curb appeal can help you sell your house quickly and for the most money.Here are some things to make sure you complete prior to listing:

  • Fix what's broken or in need of repair. If you have a door that's hard to shut, figure out why and fix it. If you have chipping or peeling paint, get your home repainted. If your outside siding is missing caulk, caulk it. 

  • What if you don't know what needs to be repaired? In this case, hire a professional inspector and he or she can tell you all the items that should be on your list. Prioritize these with your Realtor.

  • Consider painting inside. Nothing makes a house look cleaner then fresh paint. Pick a color that is neutral that will appeal to a majority of the buyers. If you have any questions about paint selection, be sure to get some advise.

  • Get rid of clutter. In most cases, I recommend that sellers get rid of at least of half of the belongings in their house. Box up personal photos, knickknacks, clutter on tables and nightstands. Eliminate as many items in your kitchen and bathroom cupboards as you can. Buyers can become overwhelmed when they see a house with too much stuff. Psychologically, they wonder where their stuff will go.

  • Make your house squeaky clean inside. If you are a great cleaner, then knock yourself getting your house in tiptop shape. If you are like me, and not the best maid, hire someone to do a deep clean. Aside from the obvious cleaning, make sure to deep clean fans, door frames, baseboards. Shampoo carpets and furniture if stained.

  • Give the outside curb appeal. Siding should and trim should be in good shape. You may need to power wash and repaint siding to make it look great. Clean gutters and repair if necessary. Make sure trees and shrubs are trimmed and do not obstruct the home. If it's the season, add some potted flowers. Make sure lawns are watered and mowed. Sidewalks are clean and free from debris. 

If you have any questions about getting your home ready for sale, feel free to contact me any time. I can help you get a list together prior to putting your house on market. 

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